Celebrity White

The clients brief was they wanted the brand to be luxury but not in its traditional sense. We opted to stick with the traditional colours which are used across the dental industry with the blues and greens but with a slight twist. In order to emphasise this celebrity theme within the logo I integrated a diamond to emphasise that this is a superior product.
We opted to alter the type face as well and change the dots of the i’s to diamonds to have that theme across the icon and the typeface.

Packaging Design
We worked closely with the client to help define a unique position. Our team came up with a strategy on how to ensure that the logo and the advertise campaigns were in sync. We started focusing on the colour of the packaging and emulating the premium look and feel.

Our focus was to ensure an end-to-end cohesive experience. We devised a strict guideline document and ensured all corporate branding followed the colour palette originally agreed on the mood board.
The designbymys team advised and designed every minute detail of the products and this attention to detail was carried over to the packaging as well as the company stationary. This was to ensure a clear brand identity and to differentiate the brand from other similar products but still make it recognisable within the dentist industry. 
The typeface was Gill Sans however I customised the letters such as the top of the ”i”.

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