The Decor Box Co

Brief and Branding

The client wanted to create a brand for their events company. The theme was focused around nature, floral and elegant. These were the key buzz words the client gave me. After researching the events industry I felt a simple type and icon would really help allow the brand to be recognisable.

I wanted the colours to compliment each other and I swayed towards more earthier tones.

They approached me to help create a brand for their new business and to focus on his digital presence and provide a distinct and recognisable brand.

Brand Stationary

For any brand, your stationary is essential in ensuring that your brand gets the recognition it’s deserves.

With this brand I ensured that the icon and the text logo were used correctly. Therefore it is essential to ensure your logo is responsive and fits different mediums. I wanted the brand to be recognisable within the events industry therefore it was crucial to have personalised cards, t shirts and roll banners to end users familiarise themselves with the brand.

The Brand

When creating a brand for The Decor Box I wanted to ensure that everything was consistent with his brand ethos.

I ensured every minute detail of the brand stationary was according to the brand guidelines which I created. This attention to detail was carried over to the digital assets. This was to ensure a clear brand identity and to differentiate the brand from other similar products but still make it recognisable within the decor industry.

The typeface was Didot with a mixture of Montserrat Regular and Semi Bold .

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