Aylestone Taxi

Brief and Branding

The client wanted a rebrand and wanted to reacher a wider market. They felt the yellow in their old branding didn’t allow them to stand out within the taxi industry. After researching the taxi industry and I opted to go for a colour palette which consisted of blue and green. I opted for a professional and minimal style, which focused on a single icon. I infused the letter a and the road together to act as if its a map route.

They approached me to help them update their branding, focus on their digital presence and provide a distinct and recognisable brand that would resonate through everything they do. They also required a clean and user friendly website which allowed potential clients to see their services and how they can transform their business.

After the logo had been completed and finalised our next push was to focus on the rest of the branding and this included adding the brand on to the taxi cars.

I went for a simple and minimal look. Making sure the car were noticeable with the brand hence I focused on the brands primary colour.

Digital and UI Design

The focus on the UI design for the App was to ensure, that the brand guidelines was followed. I devised simple illustrations which made the user experience as easy as possible.

My focus was to ensure an end-to-end cohesive experience. I devised a strict guideline document and ensured all corporate branding followed the colour palette originally agreed on the mood board.

I ensured every minute detail of the products and this attention to detail was carried over to the packaging as well as the company stationary. This was to ensure a clear brand identity and to differentiate the brand from other similar products but still make it recognisable within the taxi industry.

The typeface was Proxima Nova which with Opens Sans.

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